Sunrise at Menet Secondary School
Elimu Strive is a running club that aims to break the cycle of poverty for its members by helping them earn an education. We believe that running teaches the focus, hard work, and discipline required to succeed in school. We provide high school scholarships to needy students as well as college guidance and educational programs such as computer training for all the club's members.

The club's twenty seven members train nearly everyday before and after school and during their vacations. The club is based at Menet Secondary School in Bomet District, Kenya. On average, only two of the school's 120 graduates is able to attend college each year. Expensive school fees and stringent entrance requirements make it impossible for others to continue their education. Instead, after graduation the large majority of the students return home to their families where they support themselves and their families by helping on the one- or two-acre family farm. While they do not mind the tough work and grow enough food to support themselves, this work provides very little extra income – perhaps just a few dollars per day. This means that they are left with little money to buys items such as clothes and kitchen supplies, and more important, to pay for emergency medical care or school fees.

The mission of Elimu Strive is to break this cycle. By helping our students get an education, we are preparing them for whatever challenges lie in their path. Through our computer training program the club's members will have the practical skills needed to find jobs. Through our entrepreneurship programs, the students will have more income-generating options than farming alone. Several of Elimu Strive's students even have the talent and perseverance to obtain athletics scholarships offered by US universities. With college degrees they will have the chance to pursue any opportunity they desire.
Elimu Strive