Sunrise at Menet Secondary School
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Elisabeth Ceysens
James Zacharias
Hamlin Zhao
Ke Xiao
Kejia Wu
Meghan Gutekunst
James Johnson
Elizabeth Turnbull in honor of Caroline Turnbull
Yoshio Okada
Stephen Vanze and Judy Halsey
Miya and Shawn Paterniti
Arlette and Al Rosen
Marguerite Hoste
Bernadette Hoste and Jean François Cornet
Hélène Claes Ceysens
Griffin Vanze
Leslie Chang
Casey and Anna Ruth Pickett in honor of Anne Scotford
Barry Boden and Rachel Gafni in honor of Stephen Vanze
Catherine Courcy and Tom Pryor
Kate Lechner
Cecilia Kiely
Topher Burns
Kate Barth
Colin Young
Rossi Burns

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